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Injury watch: Random Ramsdom 8/18

Guess what the big story is today for the St. Louis Rams? Sorry, Samkon Gado, you're off the front pages now as all eyes turn to Bulger's pinkie, and backup Kyle Boller. Boller is now the Rams starting QB, for at least the next two games anyway.


Taking over with the first team yesterday in practice, Spagnuolo said he "stuck out" for doing all the right things in 7-on-7 and red zone drills. Interesting. The biggest knock against Boller has always been his decision making, particularly in the red zone. I'll be anxious to see him do that in a game this Friday against the Falcons. Like I said yesterday, this is his chance to earn a big pay day next year when his deal with the Rams expires.

FB Mike Karney and S Craig Dahl are back at practice and should be ready to go this week. Karney should help with pass protection...lest we have another QB injury.

Out for two weeks, WRs Tim Carter and Brooks Foster will have to have really good games against the Chiefs to end the preseason. They're definitely behind the eight ball now, and both had looked solid so far too.

The more things looks like the Rams preseason home game this week against the Falcons will be blacked out locally. 

Could Usain Bolt really be a good NFL wide receiver? He has the speed, but how many fast guys have we seen never make it in the league?

Spagnuolo likes what he's seen from LT Alex Barron and his new role on the left side. Here's the coach:

I think he's been pretty good. He's a talented guy so we'll keep going with it. He's a talented offensive tackle.

Refreshing to hear good things about the offensive line.