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Marc Bulger jams a finger

Injury news, especially this of year, always sends an ominous chill up my spine. Medical reports have been the stuff of nightmares for the St. Louis Rams and their fans in the last three seasons. Imagine how I felt when I read this, from the Rams news Twitter feed:

QB Marc Bulger has jammed finger on his throwing hand. Was held out of practice but threw a little after. Doesn't appear serious.

That noise? Oh, just me trying to swallow my stomach back down into my torso. Bulger fan or hater, a sidelined starting QB would be bad news for the Rams, especially since he looked pretty sharp in the preseason opener. Fortunately, it doesn't sound serious, and subsequent reports had Bulger throwing on the sidelines. Boller needs the work anyway; he turned in the roughest performance of any Rams QB against the Jets.

Bulger will have an x-ray on his finger as a precautionary measure. It was his pinkie finger, and there's nothing in reports that make it sound remotely concerning.

UPDATE: Bulger's back on the field for afternoon practice. That's a good sign. Give the guy some props for not using it as an excuse to take the afternoon off.