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Random Ramsdom Aug. 17, 2009: Lets talk about the Game Again!

Unsurprisingly, the Monday after the team's first preseason game with a brand new coaching staff is filled with talk about the said game. Let's take a look at what's being said:


Jim Thomas thinks that RB's picking up blitzes might become a concern. Kenneth Darby may be able to do some things, but he obviously cannot block. Unfortunately, Steven Jackson isn't much of a blocker himself. Don't they have drills for this?

Steve Korte from BND has some words from Spags'. He also talks about Gado, who, as you all know, came up with a big play in the second half.

Mike Sando talks about the Rams Wide-outs, or what's left of them. The newest casualties: Brooks Foster and Tim Carter. How about we get sprinter Usain Bolt to come out and play for us? I wouldn't mind a guy who could run the whole field in 9.58 seconds..

Finally, ESPN Insider via Football Outsiders thinks the Rams spending spree on big boys will work. Let's hope so.

Bring on Atlanta!