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Rams gotta have Gado

St. Louis Rams Samkon Gado is the talk of the town after an impressive 93-yard night against the Jets in Friday's preseason opener. With six productive carries, he vaulted himself up the depth chart. 

He's also playing fullback, where he started Friday night in place of Mike Karney. His ability to play both spots may be the key to his job security this year. Gado told the PD:

We've got three more games left, and I've still got a lot of work to do at fullback. I think I'm being evaluated at that position. And how well I do there I think is going to dictate where I land on this team.

Should be a good story to watch. In short, Gado is doing what the Rams once expected former second round pick Brian Leonard to do. One was signed in-season as a free agent, the other was a second round pick. I"m just sayin'...