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Random Ramsdom - Aug. 13, 2009: Getting Back to Business

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The Rams first preseason game is tomorrow (I'm guessing you already know that by now though), so lets take a look at what people have to say before the game:


Mark from Ramsgab doesn't want to forget the shellacking the Rams took last year from the Jets and Will over at  Ramsherd has a painful video displaying why we shouldn't forget about it.

Bill Coats talks about how Steven Jackson's eager to see what the team's got in the tank this year. From the article, it seems to me like the injuries, while less severe, seem to be slowly creeping up on us.

The Belleville (sorry!) News-Democrat has a link from AP that I found interesting, albeit puzzling.This is what surprised me:

Marc Bulger expects plenty of playing time -- perhaps as much as three quarters.

The first thing that pops into my mind when reading that is how Steven Jackson was injured last year against the Cowboys after Jim Haslett failed to pull him out late in the game.

Jim Thomas looks at some of Division II and III players trying to make the team. This quote by Roger Allen III stands out to me:

"Coach told me if you're going to mess up, mess up going 100 miles an hour," Allen said. "If you're not sure, just go and blast somebody. That's what I plan on doing."

Mike Sando had a nice chat with the two new Jason's on the team (Brown and Smith) and has good things to say about them, along with some notes about Wednesday's practice and Friday's game.

UPDATE: Here is the link to the Rams "Camp Confidential"

Speaking of my new favorite center, I'd like to throw out a quote he said a couple of days ago (Also from Mike Sando). Apparently, he runs a very 'family oriented' line, referring to Marc Bulger as the their mama.

The offensive line can't allow anyone to touch mama'

With that, have a great Thursday! Only one day to go.