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Turf Show Times fantasy league, part two

Alright, I've got to take care of some housekeeping stuff with this post. I think it's housekeeping stuff you'll enjoy though.

First of all, fantasy. Due to popular demand, I've created another TST Fantasy league. Follow this link. Here's the info to join:

League name: Turf Show Times II

Password: Linehan

Last night we had our first post from ram_rod. He'll be contributing to the site on Tuesdays and posting the morning Random Ramsdom links on Monday and Thursday. Be sure to say hello. Also, Kevinramsfan will be posting on Saturdays (before the Gamecocks kickoff) and handling Random Ramsdom on Wednesdays.

Finally, we're going to make Turf Show Radio a weekly feature starting next week. Right now, the two most likely days are Wednesday and Thursday nights. Which night do you like better? Vote in the poll below to let us know.

Lots more Rams/Jets stuff coming, including a look at the Jets from John over at Gang Green Nation tomorrow.