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Jason Brown and the Rams interior o-line can indeed grind it out with Albert Haynesworth

We haven't said much about St. Louis Rams C Jason Brown's comments about how to beat Redskins DT Albert Haynesworth. That needs to change.

Brown, one of the league's premier offensive linemen and no stranger to facing the best NTs week-in and week-out, told a local radio station that he relished the chance to face the Redskins big free agent addition in the second week of the season. Here's what Brown said:

I'm so glad we're playing Washington early in the year because it's going to be hot out there, we're going to be running hurry-up offense and he's going to get fatigued. And I'm not sure if you have watched film before, but when he gets fatigued, he taps out. He just falls down to the ground and you're like, 'Oh my gosh, is he hurt? Is something wrong with him?'

No, he's just giving the guy on the sidelines enough time to mosey on out there so he can get up, go to the sidelines, catch a breather, get something to drink and then he comes right back out. And then people are like, 'I thought he was hurt.' No, he got tired.

It's not as though Brown gave away the secret formula for Coca Cola or anything. The Rams have always planned to make the hurry up offense part of their strategy. Well, the Washington media is having a field day with Brown's comments, even getting Jim Zorn in on the fun.

The Rams and Redskins will both be geared up for a rematch after the Rams surprising upset win at FedEx Field last year, and Haynesworth is the most notable addition for Washington. I'll take my chances against them again this year, though I the matchup certainly does favor the Redskins, on paper anyway.

Brown probably should have added a question about whether or not we'll be seeing contract year Haynesworth. Either way, it's a great early test for a much improved offensive line.