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Summer stagnation: Random Ramsdom, 7/7

Summer, when you're a kid, is the season that everything revolves around: no school, frazzled parents extending the leash...the only limit to the season's potential is you. As you get a little older and start that summer job, these three months lose a little of their luster, but it's not too bad since there's still no school and that summer job gives you some cash to supplement the seasonal good life. More years go by and the long, hot days still have some appeal, if for nothing else than a little extra daylight after you put in your eight hours. All the sudden, you're in your thirties, one of those frazzled parents unsettled at the thought of having the kids at home all day for three straight months. Summer becomes just another season with its own set of rules and challenges...and no football.

Oh, come on. Cheer up. It's not that bad, and football season will be here before you know it. Crack open a Pacifico and enjoy the down time...if you have any. Here's a few things to empower you during the first half of those eight hours that kind of belong to someone else.



Rehab specialists: Three first-year coaches could engineer quick turnarounds
This piece at the Sporting News sees Spagnuolo as a coach who could put the Rams back on the fast track to respectability. Hey, that's what we're looking for; grocers around the city of St. Louis were having a hard time keeping paper bags in stock during the fall and winter.

Laurinaitis endorses Larry Grant
Larry Grant is still in the mix to replace Tinoisamoa at strong-side linebacker. Rookie MLB James Laurinaitis, the Rams second round pick this year, recalls his playing days at Ohio State with Grant by his side, and thinks Grant has the chops to make it work with the Rams.

NFL Rookie Symposium gives players no excuse for misbehavior
From Ross Tucker at, comes a wag of the finger for pro football players who get themselves into trouble. You'd be hard pressed to find a more committed existentialist than myself, but it's not as simple as telling guys to stay out of trouble. Changing the culture that creates some of the headline grabbing behavior requires more than three days of stern lectures.

Football Outsiders is looking for summer interns
Speaking of looking for something to do in the summer...