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Rams rumor watch

Uh oh, we've got a rumor sighting...two rumors actually. Let's evaluate.

Both came in the form of a question posed to ESPN's Mike Sando in his mailbag post from today. The first one stinks to high heaven: Rams looking to trade Alex Barron for a draft pick. No way. The team legitimately thinks Barron can be a good LT, and if he can cut down on the penalties he will be. And, as Sando points out, this team can't afford to trade working offensive linemen.

The second rumor has the Rams swapping TE Joe Klopfenstein to the Broncos for DE Jarvis Moss. This one sounds more like a fan playing armchair general manager on a message board somewhere, connecting disappointing recent draft picks on the roster bubble for each team. It's got to be a rumor, and the only thing giving it a whiff of cred is Denver's wacked out management. I don't see the Broncos giving up on their first round pick from '07 just yet, though the switch to a 3-4 moves him closer to the old roster knife. Klop's as good gone with the Rams, but you'd think teams could just wait it out...unless they don't want to compete with other bidders.