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Rams done adding wide receivers

The Rams may in fact be done adding receivers to their roster, barring injury. This news will come as a disappointment to many who feel that the Rams lack of proven commodities behind WR Donnie Avery will hogtie the offense once the season starts. 

The Rams flirted with former Oklahoma State and current WFL WR Prentiss Elliot this summer, even giving him a private workout in June, and just last week, there were reports that he had an invite to camp. This report from the Oklahomanquotes Rams director or pro personnel Mike Williams denying that report. Said Williams:

"We don’t have plans to bring him in at this point. We’re going to have to have a rash of injuries to turn to him."

That's a pretty good indication that they have no plans to bring anymore prospect WRs to camp. No need really, since the roster is loaded with unproven guys at that position. All the signs also seem to indicate that the Rams have no plans to add any veterans to the mix at receiver to the current roster either. However, that might change as camp plays out other teams start trimming rosters.