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The first line of the new chapter has been written

Well, day 1 is in the books.  Not much on the wires to go on except this report from the P-D's Bill Coats and the official Rams training camp blog via Nick Wagoner, so let's speculate.  It's what we do best.

If you have other links, please add them so we can get a fuller picture.  And speaking of, if you happened to be on hand, please share you observations/pictures/bodily fluids.

  So Spagnuolo had a full camp with everyone on board.  If nothing else, this pushes us in the right direction.  The one thing you don't want is the situation San Fran has on their hands with Michael Crabtree.  It's not only important to ensure you get rookies time, but it also disrupts the team when you're missing players who are expected to contribute.  Check out this quote from fellow Niner Vernon Davis:

"He's missing experience, knowledge of the game. He's got to get in here," said Davis, an '06 first-rounder who was in camp on time. "We don't have the time to mess around and wait. He needs to be here."

Doesn't sound like a great vibe going down over there.

  But let's focus on the Rams.  The biggest note I took was that Larry Grant started at the strong side with the LB corps.  Now granted (no pun intended), Laurinaitis didn't play with the first team which saw Chris Draft hold down the MLB spot.  Nevertheless, my personal interpretation is that this suggests that once Laurinaitis gets a firmer grasp of the defense, he'll replace Draft and Grant will play the Sam.  Interesting news from day 1.

  Newly signed Jason Smith didn't start either; it would seems Spags is trying to make the rookies earn their starting roles; I for one applaud the move.  Adam Goldberg held down the spot Smith is expected to assume in the regular season.

  Adam Goldberg sat out with some leg cramps, though it was nothing to be worried about.

  All in all, for an 85-minute workout, it seems to have gone smoothly.  Things will pick up quickly as the coaching staff integrates players into their schemes and opens up the playbook to develop a more game-ready squad.

  Discuss and fuss as you must.