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A look at ALL of the St. Louis Rams rookies

With rookies in the mix for training camp today, I started thinking about just how many rookies are on the current St. Louis Rams roster. Sure, we know the big name guys from the draft, but there's a lot of other guys in camp this month with every intention of working their tails off in an effort to make the team, even though most of them won't find spots on the 53-man or even the practice squad roster. 

Rather than go name by name, let's see if we can field a full team, offense and defense, with rookies currently on the Rams roster. (Note: I'm using the official position designation for each player from the roster listed on the Rams official site).


LT: Jason Smith

LG: Roger Allen III (this is a player coveted by a number of teams after and before the draft. He has a real shot to make the final cut or the practice squad for the Rams. 

C: Daniel Sanders (read more about Sanders here).

RG: ...and here's where my theory falls apart. Allen is the only rookie listed as a guard. If you expand the definition to include players who have never seen an NFL snap, then Roy Schuening fits here. Speaking of Schuening, he'll really have to work hard in camp this year to compete for a spot, even a practice squad spot.  

RT: Phil Trautwein

QB: Keith Null (Nulls is essentially competing with Brock Berlin for the third QB job, and I'm predicting he'll earn that spot).

HB: Chris Ogbonnaya 

FBJerome Johnson

TE: There are no rookie TEs on the Rams right now. Again, expanding it to include guys who haven't played an NFL snap, you can list Eric Butler. 

WR (2): Brooks FosterJarrett Byers, and Sean Walker 


DE (2): Ian Campbell and...C.J. Ah You falls under the expanded definition, after spending the entire season on the Rams practice squad last year. 

DT: (2): Darell Scott and that's it, nobody else at DT even fits the expanded definition, though there are several guys vying for a spot they're unlikely to get now that the Rams have signed Hollis Thomas

LB (3): James LaurinaitisDominic Douglas, K.C. Asiodu

S (2): There are no rookies on the team to play either safety position. Only Eric Roach meets the expanded definition.

CB (2): Bradley Fletcher, Cord Parks

Other than potential return men, there are no rookie specialists on the team, not that you'd need them with K Josh Brown and P Donnie Jones. As camp moves along, we'll keep track of this list, with an eye on which rookies get cut and which rookies are making the most of their audition.