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Rams start camp

As I type this (yes, I'm running a little behind this a.m.), the St. Louis Rams are just underway with their first practice of training camp; it's only rookies, QBs and selected others practicing today.

The dawn of a new era and all that jazz has arrived, finally. 

Yesterday was a busy one for the Rams as the team acquired free agent DT Hollis Thomas and agreed to terms with second round pick LB James Laurinaitis. That leaves just one draft pick left to sign, a big one, first round OT Jason Smith. The team expressed confidence yesterday, in conjunction with the Laurinaitis news, that they'd get a deal done with Smith in time for camp today. That means the Crabtree holdout hasn't done too much to throw negotiations off track with Smith. Since practice started at 8:15 this morning, we should know soon whether or not that happened. Even if he misses the morning practice, it would seem likely he'll be suited up when they go back on the field at 2:15 p.m.

We covered those subjects and more, oh so much more, on Turf Show Radio last night, so be sure to give it a listen as camp gets underway. I want to thank Jeff from Rams Gab and Will from Rams Herd for joining us last night; it made for a great discussion. As always, a big thanks to 3k too. 

Keep with us throughout the day, we'll keep you posted. 

UPDATE: Practice started and Smith was not among those practicing, still trying to agree on a deal with the Rams.