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Caption this...

Happy 4th of July weekend everyone. 

After this weekend, the last leg of the offseason should roll by pretty fast...just about three weeks away once we head back to work on Monday. And it won't be as slow as you might think. Well, okay, it'll be a pretty slow few weeks, but there will probably be some contract stuff happening with the rookies, and there's a big deadline on July 15 regarding OJ Atogwe. 

If Atogwe doesn't sign his franchise tender by July 15, he cannot sign a long-term deal with the team during the season, which is what both he and the Rams are after. He can sign a one-year deal, but he'll then have to go through restricted free agency again, thanks to the voided CBA, missing out on the kind of pay day he wants. So, keep an eye out for news on that front. 

Editorially speaking, I've got a few things lined up for today. Posting will be light over the holiday weekend (I'm bugging out for the weekend), but we'll have an item of interest or two up front. 

Since the overarching thread this offseason has been Spagnuolo and Co remaking the Rams, pillars, practices, and all about a what's he thinking caption-off!?!? Post yours in the comments or to us via Twitter. 

Have a great 4th!