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MLB James Laurinaitis agrees to deal with the St. Louis Rams

Ask and ye shall receive. The St. Louis Rams and their second round draft pick, MLB James Laurinaitis have agreed to a four-year deal. No financial terms have been disclosed yet.

This is great news, and leaves the Rams with just one pick left to sign, first rounder OT Jason Smith, and  they're reportedly working on it as we speak.

Laurinaitis figures heavily in the team's plans this season, where they expect him to be an every down contributor to the defense. He was considered one of the top middle linebacker prospects in this year's draft, along with USC's Rey Maualuga. Both players were drafted early in the second round, and many felt like Laurinaitis could have been a top ten pick had he left Ohio State after his junior season.

Hmm, I wonder if we'll be talking about this on Turf Show Radio tonight...probably should listen to find out.