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St. Louis Rams sign DT Hollis Thomas

The St. Louis Rams added some heft to their defensive front today, signing 35-year-old DT Hollis Thomas. Thomas, weighing a reported 340 lbs, gives the Rams a run stuffer to use as part of their rotation up font. 

Thomas and Spagnuolo got back to their days in Philly together, so he's a known commodity. He's supposedly in good physical condition, for a 340 lbs man anyway. He's still got to stay healthy to have an impact, even on just a dozen or so snaps per game. 

I know this news doesn't exactly excite lots of you, but here's my take on it from Monday, which I still think fits:

A player like Thomas, if they sign him and if he's got anything left, would give them a stop-gap solution for a year, allowing them to play competitive football and continue building the roster in the seasons ahead. 

Again, staying healthy will be key for Thomas to have an impact. 

Now, let's get those last two rookies signed and in camp.