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St. Louis Rams to try out AFL kick returner: Random Ramsdom, 7/23

The Rams are bringing in a CB to audition for the kick returning job, a look at third year wide receives, and Oshiomogho Atogwe's favorite super hero...the morning in Random Ramsdom.


Terrance Sanders earns tryout with Rams - Sanders, an Eastern Illinois product and current member of the AFL's Boise Burn, will tryout with the St. Louis Rams for a kick returning job this week, which will determine whether or not he gets an invite to camp next week. The cornerback leads his AFL team with 80.5 tackles. 

Do third year wide receivers break out? - A lengthy look at whether or not the old fantasy football axiom that WRs break out in their third season holds any water.

Atogwe patterns Game after Hulk - Franchise free safety SMASH! Thank goodness Atogwe's a damn site better to watch play football than those awful Hulk movies Hollywood churned out in the last ten years.