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St. Louis Rams make a trade for WR Ronald Curry

The Rams have made a move to address their relative lack of experience at wide receiver, acquiring Ronald Curry from the Lions in exchange for DT Orien Harris. Essentially, the Rams traded Brian Leonard for Curry, since Harris was the guy they got in the Leonard swap.

Curry is a good get for the Rams, and he most likely becomes an instant favorite for one of the top three receiver postions. Curry was the #1 WR in Oakland in 2006 and 2007. He could be the Rams number two WR, behind Donnie Avery, or a number three used to move chains catching passes in the middle. 

What becomes of Keenan Burton now? It's nice to have two guys that can play physical, and since both Curry and Burton are no strangers to the injury report, the addition of one does not necessarily mean less playing time for the other. Still, I can't help but wonder if the coaches are concerned about Burton's injury or ability, or both. In my mind, the most likely combo for three receiver sets is now Avery, Curry and Laurent Robinson. 

And what about depth at DT? Harris was the fourth man in that rotation, an athletic guy who has some pass rushing ability. Of course, both Clifton Ryan and Adam Carriker are athletic guys who'll be crashing the pocket as the Rams starting DTs. Fourth round pick Darell Scott is the third DT, a more prototypical NT with enough athletic ability to surprise a few middle offensive linemen on rushes. Grabbing a spot behind those three could be Antwon Burton, a big run stuffer who could be used situationally in short yardage downs. Willie Williams, who the Rams kept on the practice squad most of last season, is another candidate, as a rotational guy his skills are more in line with the pocket-crasher type DT. Of the players currently on the roster, those two would be my top choices for the fourth DT role. However, Spags could surprise and keep five DEs and just three DTs, since his schemes are known use ends in the tackle spots. 

Wildcat update: Don't forget Curry was a QB at North Carolina. Could we see some wildcat formations with Curry now?

Sando has the Scouts, Inc. take on the deal. In short, low risk, nice potential reward for the Rams.