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Dialing down the details on the remaining Rams rookie contracts

The Rams made official announcements yesterday that the team had agreed to terms with seventh round pick RB Chris Ogbonnaya and fifth round pick WR Brooks Foster. We reported both signings over the weekend, via other sources. On that news, it's worth while to take a look at which of the 2009 Rams draft picks have signed. Check out Nbr1RamFan's post for the list of who is signed and who has not. As for the guys not signed, here's a round up of what we know and expectations.

1st round - OT Jason Smith: Both the Rams and Smith have expressed a desire to get a deal done in time for camp. A contract somewhere slightly north of what OT Jake Long got last year is probably a reasonable expectation.

2nd round - LB James Laurinaitis: Again, both sides have expressed a particular willingness to work things out prior to camp. Not many first or second round picks have signed yet, and the players drafted in the slots around Laurinaitis remain unsigned. 

4th round - DT Darell Scott: A deal is expected any day now. Kind of surprised nothing's been announced given news of an impending deal with Scott got the same assurance as the looming deal with Foster.

6th round - QB Keith Null: As a sixth round pick, Null's contract should be simply a matter of lining up the contract with the value of his slot in the draft. The Browns signed RB James Davis, the player drafted immediately before Null, to a four-year, $1.849 million deal with a $99,250 signing bonus on July 10. LB Steven Hodge, drafted by the Cowboys directly following Null has not signed a deal. 

I wouldn't be surprised to see deals with the later round picks get wrapped up before the first two. In fact, it seems like a deal with Scott could be announced any day, leaving Null as the last unsigned second day pick. It's tough to go by last year because the Rams front office has since changed and the prior regime handled rookie contracts differently. Second round pick Donnie Avery was the last to sign in 2008, and first rounder Chris Long signed a few days ahead of several other players.