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Potential Rams QB options beyond 2009

If you clicked through and read the entire page of the link I posted yesterday, in the post comparing the Rams of '09 to the Redskins of '08, there was another interesting tidbit, sure to feed plenty of rumors and angry message boarding (like water boarding, but it hurts your brain). It involves some baseless trade speculation, the kind of thing that could start getting out of control if the NFL down time runs any longer. Here's the tidbit in question:

With Marc Bulger facing a do-or-die season, the Rams are among the most likely teams to make a quarterback trade before or during camp. Bulger's never played in an offense like Shurmur's and could struggle this preseason. Tarvaris Jackson, who is expected to ask out once Brett Favre signs in Minnesota, and Kevin Kolb have played in the same system. Shurmur was Kolb's position coach in Philadelphia for the last two years. Other names of interest could be free agent Brian Griese, Todd Collins, and Vince Young or Michael Vick if the Rams really want to get creative.

Argh, the Vick thing pops up again, and Vince Young isn't a free agent, yet. Other than that, the Tarvaris Jackson and Kevin Kolb notion is kind of interesting, though pure speculation on the part of that author. 

If Bulger doesn't work out this season, it's guaranteed that the Rams will be looking for a quarterback. The timeline here is way off, Devaney isn't going to start the search for a new QB during camp nor during the season, unless there's an injury. However, any of these names would be very intriguing should Bulger come up short in his make or break year. 

Jackson, a second round pick from 2006, has decent career numbers, except for in the games lost to injury department. I don't know how good he really is; he lost time to Gus Frerotte last year. Before Brett Favre inseted himself in to the conversation, a battle between Jackson and Sage Rosenfels for the Vikings starting QB job was shaping up. There's even an outside chance the Jackson could be released this year if Favre signs on.

I'd be more interested in Eagles backup Kevin Kolb. A second round pick from Houston (same school as Donnie Avery), Kolb has been touted with the Eagles, and you'll remember the media's McNabb watchers said his presence meant the end of McNabb's days in green. Obviously, that wasn't the case. Kolb's contract expires after next season and McNabb has one year after that, complicating the equation of whether or not Kolb would even be available. 

As for the other QBs mentioned we really even need to respond? Griese, Boller's better than that. Todd Collins? The Rams don't do ancient backups anymore. Vince Young? Would he be a fit in this offense, can he play anymore? Michael Vick? We've covered that.