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Grade the Rams DEs

I'm getting together again with the NFC West bloggers from SBN for a look at the Rams defensive ends. Since this is a community deal here at TST, I wanted to get everyone's input on our DEs.

Grade them in the poll below, but, more importantly, explain your grade.

Personally, I like our group of DEs, and I also like Spagnuolo's track record of taking unheralded spare parts kind of players and turning them into solid contributors on the defensive line. This year, we should see Chris Long emerge into a top-flight player. I've said before, he's probably not a Mario Williams type, but he'll be a regular feature at the Pro Bowl in the years to come. Leonard Little has something left to give used situationally to save his legs. James Hall, last year's sack leader, which is no great complement, could be a useful role player, but he's the oldest player on the team. Victor Adeyanju is something of a wild card. He's been useful against the run, but needs to ascend to the next level. He's the kind of guy that could really blossom under Spags and Flajole.

Those are the most likely candidates to make the roster at DE, so grade that group and justify it in the comments.