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Deadline day for Atogwe

Howdy partners. Today is the 15th of July, and you know what that means? The day after Bastille Day? Technically yes, but it's also the last day for Rams FS Oshiomogho Atogwe to sign his franchise tender.

If Atogwe does not sign the franchise tender or he and the Rams do not agree to a long term deal, he'll have to play the season on a one-year deal and start work on a long-term contract after the season. It's in Atogwe's best interest to sign the franchise tender, because he can then still negotiate a long-term deal with the Rams. If it's left unresolved, he sets himself up for a second go around as a restricted free agent, thanks to the CBA-less NFL, and a much reduced paycheck even from his franchise tender.

There are a couple of scenarios that could play out with Atogwe and the Rams. The ideal one for both sides is that they agree to a new contract, making Atogwe a Ram for the foreseeable future. Rams VP of Football Operations, aka "cap guy," Kevin Demoff expressed optimism that a deal would be reached by today's deadline.

What I think is most likely to happen is that Atogwe signs his franchise tender with the good faith that a deal will be reached and both sides get something hammered out down the line a bit, maybe after they've had the chance to get the rookies inked and into camp when it starts in two weeks.

Don't forget, we're also expected to have news of 4th round pick DT Darell Scott and 5th round pick WR Brooks Foster signing deals any day now.

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