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Rams player updates and predictions: Random Ramsdom, 7/11

The Rams have yet to announce their training camp schedule, the only team in the division that has not done so. Look for it to come soon. Now, it's a random Saturday morning, so how about some linkage?


What Madden 10 says about NFC West starters
Mike Sando at ESPN's NFC West blog, analyzed the position rankings for each division team in Madden 2010. With some surprising numbers for the Rams. The game gives the Rams the best ranked OL and RB in the division. Wide receiver is our weakest spot according to the Madden numbers.

Not everyone is down on our WRs, Bill Barnwell from Football Outsiders made Donnie Avery his first WR in the Rotoworld draft. FO's Kubiak projections show Avery with 79 receptions, 1081 yards, and 10 TDs. I'm not surprised by the first two numbers, but the 10 TDs even jumped out to the homer Rams fan in me. With teams forced to key in on Jackson and McMichael (if healthy) in the red zone though, it's likely. Check out what else Barnwell said about Avery:

Avery showed signs of great promise last year, and as the season went along, his game expanded; while he was strictly a deep threat earlier in the year, he emerged as an effective intermediate target once November and December rolled around. There's reason to be concerned about the lack of quality across from him, but getting Randy McMichael back will help.

This is another pick influenced by our team projections; we're more positive about the Rams than virtually anyone heading into 2009.

Speaking of FO and projections... Their 2009 Almanac and Kubiak projections are available now. I just down loaded mine, so expect some discussion in the near future.

RG Richie Incognito may be putting his hand gestures away this season. Word is that he's been a leader this offseason, and is working hard to be more mature player...while retaining some of his nastiness on the field. 

New center Jason Brown is already on the local celebrity softball scene