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Rams giving WFL WR Prentiss Elliott a tryout?

A while back I passed along some info that the Rams were scouting WR Prentiss Elliott, a member of the Oklahoma Thunder WFL team. Elliott had a promising freshman season at Oklahoma State, only to be kicked off the team the next year, in 2005, for unnamed violations. Anyway, like most redemption stories go, he hit bottom a couple years later, and is now trying to turn things around via football. The Oklahoma Thunder of the WFL (not ot be confused with the OKC NBA team) gave him that chance, and now he might get a shot with another league, the NFL.

Is it going to be the Rams that give him a chance in the big leagues? An assistant coach with the Thunder, Thom Roundtree, told the Examiner-Enterprise of Bartlesville, OK, in story filed yesterday afternoon, that Elliott would attend the Rams training camp next month. A profile of Elliott appearing in today's Tulsa World says nothing about the WR attending camp with the Rams, but it does note that the Rams have been one of several teams to have scouted him, viewing every Thunder but one and asking for tapes of each. Given that level of interest, it wouldn't be surprising if Elliott has been invited to camp.

You can read about his impressive stats with Thunder - WFL caveat - at the Tulsa World link above. That's about the closest thing to a scouting report I can find. A look at the 2004 OSU team listed Elliott at 6'0" 175 lbs as a freshman. He may well have added some weight since then, but the 24-year-old profiles much like the other Rams wide receivers.The Thunder's official site lists him at 6'1" 205 lbs.

He stood out as a return man at OSU, so you'd have to think if he still has the kind of speed they say he does and he really has been invited to camp, that Elliott will get some looks as a returner, an area where the Rams are still looking for more definitive answers.