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Wednesday morning Rams ownership update and thoughts from OTAs

Attention, if there are any TST community members or readers out there with at least $255 million dollars in spending money, please contact us directly...we hear of one hell of a deal just for you.

Buying an NFL team ain't easy, even for rich folks. There are debt limits for team, which hamstring efforts to buy a team or interest in a team since borrowing that money would count against the franchise's debt load. So that means whoever buys the Rams needs to have somewhere in the neighborhood of $500 million for the non-Kroenke share of the team. The PD has a complete run down on the process.

A sliver of hope in that PD article linked above says that sources say the group headed by Blues owner Dave Checketts is legit and are believed to have a serious investor on board. What kind of owner would Checketts be? He seems to be pretty popular with Blues fans, head over to St. Louis Game Time for their perspective. 

Wait, what's it...I think it is...yep, it's some non-sale news about the Rams.

The PD has a couple items from OTAs yesterday. Keenan Burton and Derek Stanley are still less than 100%, which I assume means they'll be limited at the team's last minicamp when it starts on Thursday. First round pick Jason Smith moved over to LT with the second team this week. Though it sounds like Barron is set to start at LT this year, they're giving it their due diligence getting a look at Smith on the left side, where he will eventually play, should he get pressed into duty because of injury.

Speaking of Smith, he's a neatnik. The Rams new strong safety James Butler held a youth football camp in Georgia last week. 

Back later with a look at sacks.