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Under, over and otherwise-rated Rams: Random Ramsdom, 6/29/09

Just when you think it's dead out there...lo and behold, the interweb springs to life with all kinds of goodies for you. Let's jump right in...


Familiar names on the overrated and underrated list from FO
Some former Rams among these players, but no surprises. Dante Hall makes the overrated list. Yeah, we could have told that. He spent most of his time with the Rams injured, which says as much about the front office decision to trade for him as it does Hall himself. On the underrated list, old friend London Fletcher. Since his age-30 season, in 2005, Fletcher has had 8 INTs and more than 400 tackles and started all 16 games in each of those seasons. The full article is protected behind the "Insider" wall at ESPN, but you get a flavor from the to-10 lists.

The Boston Globe had a profile of Mass-native Steve Spagnuolo yesterday. Despite what he's said about his days as a hockey player, he has a real history with football. Also of note, (and I suppose this has been mentioned before) he met Devaney in his first NFL job with the Redskins, and was later hired by Devaney - for the first time - as a scout for the Chargers.

Hey, is that OJ Atogwe with a ball picked off from Anquan Boldin? Sign of things to come?

Josh Brown reveals that part of the reason he came to St. Louis as a free agent was the city's proximity to good deer hunting. Huh, and I though making him the highest paid kicker in the league had something to do with it.

ESPN posts their top 25 players of the decade list. No surprise, but there are a few former Rams among the 25 players. Kurt Warner, Torry Holt, and Orlando Pace all made the cut, deservedly so. Faulk and Bruce did enough of their damage before this list's arbitrary cutoff date, but I'd still take those guys in their prime.

Finally, here's one to warm the cockles of your heart. A fan posting at the PD's online forum reports hearing a Jim Haslett appearance on local radio in which the former interim head coach had plenty to say. The head coach of the UFL's yet-to-be-named Orlando team said there was a troubling amount of inexperience among the coaching ranks in the NFL this year, and, according to the poster, Haslett also made an attempt to link himself to the team's moves this offseason. Anyone else hear this appearance from Haslett?