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Rams trivia answers

First off, top of the morning. it's a Monday, but it is at least 4th of July week. Jumping right into the mix, here are the answers to yesterday's trivia questions.

  1. Marc Bulger, 2006. Bulger threw just 8 INTs in 588 passing attempts for a 1.4% INT%.
  2. That's true. No Rams returner has ever scored a kick return and a punt return TD in the same season. Much of that has to do with different players splitting those duties. Dante Hall did both for a while most recently.
  3. Two Rams kickers tied for the most attempts and FGs made from 50+ yards, but it's not who you think. Tony Zendajas in 1993 made 6 in 8 attempts, and so did Josh Brown last season.
  4. Stan Kroenke owns 40% of the Rams. Will that change in the near future?
  5. 1951 was the last championship the Rams won, beating the Cleveland Browns. The last time the Rams went to a Super Bowl prior to 1999 was with that stellar 70s team in 1979, where they lost to the Terry Bradshaw, Mean Joe Greene-led Steelers.
  6. Spags did two stints coaching Europe: in 1992 as the defensive line and special teams coach of the Barcelona Dragons and again in 1998 as the defensive coordinator and linebackers coach with the Frankfurt Galaxy.

Congrats to Bond_007x who nailed four out of six. Got a tough question for an upcoming future trivia challenge? Send it  to me at the mail link next to my name at the bottom of the page.