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Know you Rams...Sunday morning trivia round up

Happy Sunday morning everyone. As you may have heard, there's not much new in the way of football to talk about. That's okay, we'll need a little breather before camp starts and things get really a good way. Since this has kind of been history week on the site, I thought for a lazy Sunday it might be fun to have some trivia. The prize? You get the satisfaction of being a walking, talking textbook of Rams knowledge. Impress your friends! I'm going to throw out a few questions this morning, take a stab at them in the comments. Hint, all this information is available, thanks to the magic of the interwebs. Try to answer without Google first. I'll post a few more questions this afternoon, trying to make them harder as the day goes on. Get you piece of Rams trivia pie...


  1. Which Rams QB has the lowest single season INT% (interceptions as a percentage of total pass attempts), and what season was it?
  2. True or false: No Rams return man has ever scored a TD on a kick return AND a punt return in the same season.
  3. Who holds the record for the most field goals made from 50 yards or more?
  4. What percentage stake in the team does Stan Kroenke own?
  5. Prior to 1999, the last time the Rams won a championship was in what year?
  6. How many times did Steve Spagnuolo coach in the World League/NFL Europe?