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Position battles: Finding the Rams all-time QB

Let's continue the all-time team debate with quarterback. Unlike running back, where you had two cut and dry viable candidates in Dickerson and Faulk that could easily claim the title, the franchise history at QB is a little less clear. And the debate definitely requires a look back into the Rams' team history.

The candidates...

Roman Gabriel, 1962-1972, record 74-39-6
Gabriel made three Pro Bowl appearances with the Rams, but led the team to the playoffs just twice, in '67 and '69. In 130 games with the team he passed for 22,223 yards (2nd most), 154 TDs (most in team history), and threw 112 INTs.

Jim Everett, 1986-1993, record 46-59
Ultimately more famous for the "Chris" dust-up with Jim Rome and his draft escapades, Everett holds the team record for passing yards with 23,758. During his 107 games with the team he passed for 142 TDs (2nd most) and 123 INTs. He led the team to the playoffs three times early in his career, but the franchise dwindled into irrelevancy in the later part of Everett's days, before ultimately packing up and moving to St. Louis. He made one Pro Bowl appearance, in 1990.

Norm Van Brocklin, 1949-1957, record 42-20-3
Many of you will be hard pressed to recall Van Brocklin's time with the Rams. He was the last QB to lead the team to a championship, 1951, before the Super Bowl win in '99. Van Brocklin threw for 16,114 yards with the Rams with 118 TDs (3rd most) and 127 INTs in 104 games. He was a six-time All Pro in his time with the Rams.

Kurt Warner, 1998-2003, record 35-15
Warner didn't have a long tenure with as the Rams QB, but he helped breath new life into a forgotten franchise, leading them to a Super Bowl win ten years ago. In just 53 games with the Rams, he passed for 14,447 yards, 102 TDs and 65 INTs. He had three Pro Bowl appearances with the Rams and has the highest completion percentage (66.4%) of any QB in team history.

Marc Bulger, 2002-2008, record 40-47
Bulger gets listed here, as much as some will groan, based on some impressive stats with the team, though I don't think many would call him the franchise's top QB. Currently third on the list of total passing yards with 21,345, Bulger will become the Rams' all-time leader in passing yards this season, barring injury. He's fourth on the list with 117 TDs, and will surpass Van Brocklin with just one more. If he gets his career turned around with the Rams, he'll most likely be the team leader in TDs in two or three seasons; he needs 37 more. He's thrown 87 INTs in 87 games, and has the second best franchise completion percentage with 62.6%.

So there you have it. Did I leave anyone out? Tony, that's probably for another "all-time" team.