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Position Battles: Who is the greatest Rams RB?

Now that there is virtually nothing going on in the world of football, I thought it would be a good time to dedicate a few posts to the history of the team. It seems especially pertinent as we wait out a the start of a couple new chapters in the team's history thanks to the front office/coaching changes and the "for sale" sign hanging out front. With a couple of long-time Rams nearing a special place in the team record book, I thought it would be a good time to go back and take a look at players at key positions, and start a conversation about which player is the all-time best. It's an arbitrary title, and that's the point.

Today, let's start with running backs. If you haven't heard that head coach Steve Spagnuolo plans to make RB Steven Jackson the centerpiece of the Rams offense this season, you've obviously been living under a rock. That means Jackson should rack up oodles of yardage, and hopefully touchdowns, that will vault him up the franchise leader board. We looked at Jackson's proximity to the franchise rushing records last month, but as a quick reminder a mediocre season will put him at third place on the all-time list. After the 2010 season, he will most likely be the Rams franchise record holded in rushing yards.

However, it's tough to make the argument, at this point, that Jackson's the greatest Rams RB of all time. With memories of Marshall Faulk still so vivid. Making Faulk's claim to the title even more impressive is the fact that he is fourth on the franchise list for total receptions with 470. That's still eons away from the numbers Holt and Bruce gave the Rams, but it speaks directly to Marshall's talent. Eric Dickerson, in addition to his wisdom of the LA football market, ran for 7,245 yards and 56 TDs, the most and second most in those two categories, in just 65 games with the Rams between 1983-1987. That's fewer games than anyone else among the top five names on the franchise leaderboard. Faulk played in 99 games, and Jackson has played in 69 thus far.

Five-time Pro Bowl RB Lawrence McCutcheon has to be in the discussion too. A member of those impressive 1970s teams known mostly for their fearsome defense, McCutcheon did the bulk of the offense's heavy lifting with his legs. Finally, though most of us would be too young to remember, Dick Bass played 112 games from 1960-1969, rushing for a team that never reached .500 until he was on the downhill side of his career.

That's an impressive group of names. Who will be your pick for the greatest Rams RB of all time?