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Jackson ready to be all: Random Ramsdom, 6/23/09


Man, is it slow out there....There's nothing like a day job where the downtime coincides with the league's downtime.So. Damn. Bored. I'll start a special summer program tomorrow (can you stand the wait? try your best). In the meantime, howsabout a few links to get you through until lunch?

Steven Jackson is stronger

Yeah, the man who will be at the center of the Rams offense has bulked up during the offseason, and is now ready to be the all-encompassing back that his predecessor was. Welcome.

All-Decade Defense

This is an interesting look at the best defensive players over the last 10 years.

Davis not catching on as a receiver

A little mean spirited fun at the expense of the 49ers. Vernon Davis is not looking good on routes in camp...and it's camp. Note the Mike Martz reference at the beginning of the article.

Texans CB Dominique Barber ready to face Rams LB and BFF Laurinaitis

Barber and Laurinaitis were best friends in high school, and Barber is geeked up to face JL and the Rams in week 15. That's a home game for the Rams, but not an easy one. The Texans look to be a greatly improved team.