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Unanswered questions in the Rams ownership saga

So Checketts is in the mix to buy the Rams. That much we know. But I still have some important questions that we really don't have answers for...and may never have answers for.

If Checketts has been interested in the Rams for some time, even approached Rosenbloom about it awhile back, according to Miklasz. The owner of the city's hockey team, the St. Louis Blues, says he now has the investors together. Is Rosenbloom trying to get other bidders to get the best price he can for the team, hence the decision to hire Goldman Sachs? (That point was actually made at Pro Football Talk, not always a reliable source, but that is a valid point worth passing along.) I'm not passing judgement on him if he is; that's just business. If that's the case, could Checketts be closer to buying a share of the team than we realize?

Now to the Kroenke issue. If Kroenke wants to buy a majority share or get controlling interest, the league has to change the rules regarding his ownership of pro sports franchises in another NFL city. However, if the league wants a team in LA and sees the Rams as the most likely possibility, why would they change the rules for Kroenke? Of course, there may be teams more ready to move to LA than the Rams. Will Checketts and Kroenke end up competing to buy controlling interest in the team? Both have stated interest in obtaining that level of ownership, so how does that reconcile with the larger goal of finding a buyer for the 60% share owned by Chip Rosenbloom and Lucia Rodriguez?

Some food for thought.