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LA-area stadium developer not looking at the Rams...yet

First off, I want to give big thanks to Roger and Moses at KFNS 590 The Fan for having me on Morning Call this morning. It was a great chance to talk Rams.

I found this article in the Pasadena, CA newspaper that's been covering the NFL stadium development project in City of Industry. Anyway, the headline reads:

Developers of Industry NFL stadium say they're not interested in buying Rams

That's a little misleading, though. Nobody from the Roski/Majestic Reality project ever says that they're not interested in the Rams specifically (which would be a huge relief), only that they're not ready to buy a team until the stadium deal gets finalized. Here's the money quote:

"We're focused as always on getting the stadium approved," said Majestic Vice President John Semcken, adding the stadium approval will happen soon. "Until we get it finally approved, we won't begin to look at buying a team."

I wonder - and this is pure speculation on my part - if this Roski guy isn't more fixed on the Chargers given his ties to the SD owners and the overtures that team is making toward LA and they seem to be close to exhausting the possibilities for a new stadium in San Diego.