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Rams add a tackle: Random Ramsdom, 6/18



A few items of interest to pass along to you on this blistering Thursday afternoon.

Ex-Falcon Foster likely headed to Rams
The Rams put in a waiver claim for former Falcons OT Renardo Foster. Foster was an undrafted rookie free agent for the Falcons in 2007, who worked his way into the starting lineup for two games before a knee injury took him out of action. Like Daniel Fells, this is another player Devaney knows from his days with the Falcons. Since Devaney came on board with the Rams, the team has found some useful cogs on the waiver wire, like Fells or Kenneth Darby. If they get him to camp, I'll be anxious to see what he has to offer. He spent last season on the PUP list, so there's definitely a question about whether or not he's healthy.

Bulger admits this is his last chance
Knowing that this is a make or break season might or might not be the kick in the ass Bulger needs. It's kind of like a contract year, but the stakes are actually a little higher for Bulger. I've said it before, but I hope the guy rebounds. The Rams will be a better team much sooner if he does. Either way, the guy gets credit for acknowledging what's at stake.

Steven Jackson Meets the T-Shirt Gun
I'm normally not one to schill adverts (for free anyway), but this Nike ad with Steven Jackson, a t-shirt gun and a couple of not-so-dangerous snowboarders is pretty entertaining.

Mark your Calendars! Camp starts July 29
Spags promises not to let up when the pads go on in the brutal Missouri summer heat when camp starts. It can't come soon enough.