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On the aisle with TST

Beset with insomnia, I started rifling through the DVDs. I opted for "The Longest Yard," the 1974 classic with Burt Reynolds, hungry for some football before we get into the long dry spell of the offseason. Classic. 

Unfortunately, the old ADHD was riding high that night too, so I jumped on the internet (source of ADHD?) and started looking for a good list of football movies. 

And this is what I found...Mostly, it's a way for Spike TV to pimp the Michael Irvin show and some of the flicks they run to fill air space.  Anyway, I thought "to hell with this." I can get a better list from my peeps at TST. So I submit the question to you: what's your favorite football movie(s)? 

Bonus points if you can relate the plot to the Rams. Also, we'll carry this discussion over on our twitter feed, because Twitter was all about the banality of life before it was about democratic revolutions in despotic nations.