Brandon Marshall anyone?

Apparently, Brandon Marshall is requesting a trade.This would bring in the veteran presence the Rams need.Now some of you would probably that Spags wouldn't like him because of The four pillars stuff but hes coming offa 6 TD season and both of our starters combined for 6. He also has a big frame which we need.

He could possibly put our receiver starters (as in team with best #1 & #2 receivers) into the top 10. Marshall probably would fit into the West Coast Offense. He would be way more consistent than Avery and Burton. Maybe could be what we've been waiting for since Torry's departure. What do you think of this and why?

[Note by VanRam, 06/16/09 10:36 AM EDT ] Thanks to DekaJ for getting the discussion going here. I bumped his post to the front page, because, let's face it, this idea went through everyone's head when the news broke this weekend that Marshall requested a trade out of Denver. I think it's highly unlikely they'll trade him, but the question for Rams fans is would the high cost (i.e. no first round pick next year...and probably no third and a later round too) mean losing out on other parts of the rebuilding process by giving up picks in the 2010 draft. The discussion starts below...