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Rams quietly eye a WR...from the WFL

What the heck is the WFL? What in the world are the Rams doing scouting a player in WFL?

To answer the first question, you need to recall a bit of history. The time: the mid-70s. The war in Vietnam was drawing to a close, the sixties were long passed and a national malaise was setting in. The World Football League was a short lived experiment to compete with the didn't. Maybe it was that whole national malaise thing.

Anyway, it's baaaaaack. This time as an (another) indoor football league, drawing on the limitless amount of football players not quite good enough to make the NFL...or those beset with enough personal problems to ward off scouts from the Raiders. Former Oklahoma State WR Prentiss Elliott might fit both those descriptions, but the last one really stands out. After a productive freshman year at OSU, Elliott got thrown off the team in 2005. Trouble found him again last year when he was allegedly involved in a shooting incident in Tulsa while trying to rejuvenate his career with Tulsa's Arena League team. He received three years probation. 

Now, he's reformed and working on a comeback with the Oklahoma Thunder WFL team, where he was recently scouted by the Rams and the Patriots. Elliott is 6'1" 205 lbs, according to the listing at the Thunder's web page. We'll see where this goes. More than anything, it's evidence that the Rams are still eyeing talent for their WR ranks.