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Best available free agent list offers little help for the Rams

Ok, armchair general managers, here's your chance to round out the Rams roster with this handy dandy list of best available free agents. Since this is a list of offensive players, direct your attention to the names at running back and wide receiver. Well?

Not many names on that list that would be of much use to the Rams. The backup running backs are a particularly older lot. The injury-riddled Selvin Young is the youngest of the bunch and he's out until September (maybe) with back issues. The rest of the list would have a hard time fitting the "ascending" player mold the Rams have stated they're looking for in any additional free agent pickups. 

The wide receiver list offers some possibilities, but it's mostly flotsam and jetsam and aging vets that would be a nice component for a team threatening a deep playoff run. I think Matt Jones offers some intriguing possibility, but Spags' "four pillars" might be a stretch for the converted QB. Mostly though, this list is populated with 4th receiver types, something the Rams already have.