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Mike Martz weighs in on the 2009 Rams

Former Rams offensive coordinator and head coach Mike Martz chatted it up at the other day, and had a few things to say about the Rams this season. Turning it over to Mad Mike...

Can Bulger bounce back:

Absolutely he can. What will affect him more than anything, as it does all QBs, is the status of the offensive line. If you have an acceptional [sic] offensive line, and average WRs a QB can still excel. The other way around is difficult. Everything begins and ends in the offensive line.

And the Rams in 2009?

I think the St. Louis Rams will be the surprise team in the NFL this year.

Which offense would you rather have, 2001 Rams or 2007 Patriots?

2001 Rams. In my mind, even though it didn't end up like we wanted, there was so much fire power with that group.

You can read the rest here.