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Michael Vick to the Rams rumors surface again

Truth is such a malleable thing, hence "truthiness." Anyway, the natural extension of that thought goes directly into the evolution of a rumor, and the Rams are still in the middle of a doozy of an offseason know, the one that has the team hot on the trail of recently released, from jail and the Falcons, QB Michael Vick.

It's back again today, hot on the heels of the news that the Falcons released Vick. This was posted in the Vick news tidbit at Rotoworld today:

The Rams, whose GM Bill Devaney used to work in the Atlanta organization, are expected to be among Vick's most ardent suitors.

No, they're not among Vick's most ardent suitors. That rumor, which started with Michael Lombardi from the National Football Post, has been thoroughly debunked again and again. You'll notice the Rotoworld tidbit doesn't source anything or anyone? Pundits dogged Seattle coach Jim Mora for weeks, even after he denied it, about Vick coming to the Seahawks just because of their one-time connection. The Rams don't have room on the roster for another QB, much less one that wouldn't be good fit for the West Coast offense. Interstingly enough, there are a number of fans who did vote in this poll that they would like to see the Rams take a chance on Vick. I ask this with an open mind, why would you like to see the Rams take a chance on Vick (or why not)?