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Predicting the future of Marc Bulger

We get all kinds of inquiries about the Rams, especially when it comes to fantasy football stuff. So, the other day when I got an email from a fantasy "expert" asking me what I thought Marc Bulger's 2009 season would look like, I thought the best move would be to throw it out to the community, get the range of opinions. Predicting outcomes in June is tough enough, but the Rams, in the midst of a rebuilding process, it's damn hard. And there's no player on the team harder to predict right now than Marc Bulger.

So let's put our heads together and see what we can come up with for a Bulger prediction. First, a few pros and cons.


  • Improved offensive line
  • Stability in the coaching staff
  • Quicker offense that relies on Bulger's accuracy and short drops


  • Bulger's coming off two poor seasons.
  • Injuries - this is a player that has dealt with conconcussions and the fallout from being sacked 124 times in the last three seasons
  • Question marks at WR

There you have it. All those things, and Bulger himself, will go a long way toward determining Marc Bulger's performance this season...and answer other questions about his and the team's future.Anyway, make your prediction for Bulger's Yards/TD/INT in the comments.