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Random Ramsdom 6/1: Moving and sale info edition



Let's roll on with our 'for sale' day coverage with a round up of related links from around the internets. There's more to this thing than just finding a buyer. That's the relatively easy part.

As Miklasz alluded to in his blog post today, there are other teams with market/stadium issues that could be on the move well before the Rams. In Oakland, another former LA team will see their stadium lease expire in 2010. Could they move to San Deigo if the Chargers move to LA, another persistant rumor.

About that California thing...

The oft-talked about stadium proposal for City of Industry (LA area) is far from a done deal. Locals fighting the proposal filed a lawsuit last week. On top of a citizen lawsuit, the group trying to build the new stadium broke off negotiations with one the townships involved. Also of note in that article is that stadium developer Edward Roski, Jr. is a close friend of the Spanos family who owns the Chargers...the Chargers who just rejected a proposal for a new stadium in San Diego.

Here's the official site of the Los Angeles Stadium project.

I know we have some CA readers here, and I want to ask you a question. If the Roski stadium projects falls through, how else are they going to get a new stadium in LA? Given the state of California's economy public financing seems all but impossible. I can't imagine the league would allow a team to move to LA without at least a new stadium deal in place. Of course, there's always private money to get new digs.

And why does the league insist on bringing football back to LA for a third time? Previous attempts don't seem to have been that successful.