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Klopfenstein probably leaving St. Louis...before the Rams

Because of injuries and general crappy play thanks to lack of depth the last couple seasons, the Rams signed lots of street free agents and guys off of other teams' practice squads. Since Devaney's arrival, though, the Rams have managed to find the occasional gem. TE Daniel Fells, signed away from Tampa's practice squad last season, is on the verge of making 2006 second round draft pick Joe Klopfenstein redundant. Fells' hands have impressed in practice this spring, after showing some flashes last season, making him a guy that could be a huge asset in the new offense. Bye bye, Klop.

Ok, but Daniel Fells isn't foremost on the minds of Rams fans right now. There will never be another Rams game that won't be filled with "moving" talk from the broadcast booth. The 'for sale' news is going to be a big distraction. How much of a distraction or how much will it affect the on-field product? We'll talk about later today...and along the way as the season progresses.