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Pisa the Pat?

Man, turn-about is a strange mistress...or something like that. Not even 24 hours after his release from the Rams, there are reports that LB Pisa Tinoisamoa is on the radar for the New England Patriots. 

The main criticism of the Rams decision to release Pisa, hasn't been actually releasing "Hawaii 5-0" it's really been more concern about the Rams depth at the position - remember how thin they proved to be at LB last year after letting Brandon Chillar walk? - and specifically the lack of experienced depth. Some thoughts...

Had the Rams of yesterday made a serious effort to hang onto Brandon Chillar, they could have released Pisa without much concern. The youngster they felt could replace Chillar, Quentin Culberson, got off to a bad start and lost his starting job last season. The new regime has to get Culberson up to par, playing at a starting level. Fortunately, the Rams new coaches, particularly head coach Steve Spagnuolo and Ken Flajole, have loads of experience coaching, successfully coaching, linebackers. That's a huge plus, but no guarantee. If they can coax quality out of Culberson, the Rams could have a decent group of LBs, with Witherspoon, Laurinaitis, and Draft rounding out the top four. 

That said, they still have some options on the free agent market, and will likely have more options available as teams make roster cuts in the days before the season starts. Now, realize that any of the Rams' options via this route will not be household names, just role players, but sometimes that's enough.

One name that might be of interest in Rocky Boiman. The 6'4" 236 lbs LB has starting experience on the strong side, with the Colts in 2007, and he became a serviceable starter as a mid-season acquisition for Kansas City last year, piling up 32 tackles in the month of November. 

Paris Lenon, 31, hasn't missed a game in three seasons, spending the last three toiling with the Lions. He has starting experience at all three 4-3 LB positions. 

Shantee Orr, 27, is another option with experience on the outside, and has some size at 6'0" 246 lbs. 

Like I said, none of these names are going to blow anyone away, but they could be useful role players adding depth to the Rams LB corps.