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Rams release LB Pisa Tinoisamoa

This is kind of surprising news. Tinoisamoa put up good overall numbers, posting career highs in tackles and sacks. 

It was hard to question his motor, but his lack of consistency frustrated observers the most. Tinoisamoa, however, was the man without a position with the move of Witherspoon from the middle back to his natural role on the weak-side. Pisa, at 220 lbs, is a little smallish for the strong-side. We speculated this might be coming earlier in the spring. 

Chris Draft becomes the starter on the strong-side now, with rookie James Laurinaitis in the middle. Culberson might get some looks on the strong-side too. I also wonder what kind of players we've got in Chamberlain and Vobora, and whether or not the Rams might be looking to add another LB before the start of the season. This will save the Rams around $3.25 million in cap costs. 

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