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Jackson poised to set records with the Rams

Take a look at the list of all-time rushing yards leaders for the Rams. Obviously, there're all familiar names.


  1. Eric Dickerson (1983-1983) - 7,242
  2. Marshall Faulk (1999-2005) - 6,959
  3. Lawrence McCutcheon (1973-1979) - 6,186
  4. Dick Bass (1960-1969) - 5,417
  5. Steven Jackson (2004-2008) - 5,291
With even a mediocre season, (which none of us are counting on) Steven Jackson should take third place on the list of Rams leader board. He only needs 896 yards. With a really, really, really good season - he needs 1,669 yards - he could earn second place on the board. 

With two more seasons of reasonable health and performance, Jackson will become the Rams all-time leader for rushing yards, needing 1,952 to top the great Eric Dickerson. 

He's in a similar situation with touchdowns. Faulk leads with 58 rushing TDs, followed by Dickerson with 56, then Dan Towler with 43 and Jackson with 37. Jackson's best season was 2006 when he scored 13 TDs, but other than that, his best mark is 8 rushing TDs. Much of that, however, will have to do with the rest of the team. Needing just 22 TDs to become the all-time leader, it's not out of his reach, though it might take three seasons to get there.

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