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Random Ramsdom 5/5: Jason Smith almost went to Arizona

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We're heading into one of those few quiet periods for NFL football. Still, there's plenty to talk about.

  • Jason Smith had an offer to play defensive end at the University of Arizona, before he chose the closer-to-home Baylor where they wanted him to play DE and TE.
  • This piece at looks at some rookies that made an impression in rookie camps across the league this weekend. They point to Rams LB James Laurinaitis for his "natural instincts" and other qualities.
  • Still feel kind of jipped about the '01 Super Bowl? Well, you had a chance to get the ring back, one them, recently when a Patriots 2001 Super Bowl ring was put on eBay...and didn't sell. 
  • Rams cheerleader auditions start Saturday
  • Rey Maualuga may have to move to outside LB with the Bengals. Oh the irony. Wonder how a position switch will work for him? If the "two down" criticism holds any water, this could be a problem.