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Rams lack history with first round QB choices

Fans that were hoping the Rams really would follow through on their hype and draft USC QB Mark Sanchez were a little disappointed when the pick was announced. I'm not going to rehash the arguments for and against that we've already been through, but it is worth point out that drafting Sanchez would have been a huge break with franchise precedent.

The Rams, both the LA and STL versions, have never drafted a QB in the first round, not since the league merger of 1970 anyway. Our last two starting QBs, Marc Bulger and Kurt Warner, were signed as free agents. The great Tony Banks was a second round pick in 1996 and had three years atop the Rams depth chart at QB. Bridging the move from LA to STL was 1994 free agent addition Chris Miller. Prior to Warner, the Rams last great QB was a first round pick, another team's first round pick. JIm Everett was drafted by the Oilers with the third overall pick in 1986, but the team was unable to work out a deal and traded his rights to the Rams. Everett is the franchise's all-time leader in passing yards and has the second most TDs in team history, behind Roman Gabriel.

GM Billy Devaney worked for years as a pro personnel staffer, in San Diego with Bobby Beathard in the 90s, a three year stint in SF from '01-'03 and two drafts with the Falcons in '06 and '07. Only once during that time did Devaney's teams draft a QB in the first round. And what a doozy it was; the Chargers drafted Ryan Leaf in 1998. Think that might have shaped Devaney's experience at all?

The big question is what happens next year. Will the Rams entertain the idea of a QB in the first round? That might depend on where they wind up picking and who's available with that pick. What about the year after? Or can they find another gem cast off by a team or bagging groceries somewhere?