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Rams sign Vandy WR Sean Walker; another chip for the new offense?

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In another one of those sleepy offseason moves that can easily go unnoticed, the Rams added another WR to the mix, Vanderbilt's Sean Walker

Walker seems to fit the prototype emerging among Rams receivers: besides the young and inexperienced part, he seems to have good speed and hands. At Vandy's Pro Day, he ran the 40 in 4.44 seconds. Watching the highlight video of Walker's Vandy days (embedded below), it looks like he has decent hands, making catches in traffic against the semi-pro teams of the SEC. I also noticed he was used in a lot of reverses (at least in the highlight video). You can see the West Coast WR profile emerging here, good hands, speedy enough to get past defenders in the middle and running back like qualities. It also looks like he can catch a deep ball. He also has a degree, something he shares with lots of the Rams rookies this season, so if things on the field don't work out the team has enough eggheads to find some other route for success. 

Here's what Spags said about Walker in his post-OTA presser yesterday:

Some fresh legs and there were some things we thought he did in the workout that he was worth giving an opportunity.

The Rams have plenty of WRs looking for a chance to make the roster. We'll see if Walker makes it past camp, and I still wouldn't rule out the possibility of the team signing a veteran WR from a team running a similar offense, should one become available. It ought to make for an interesting camp. 

Here's Walker's personal web site.