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Random Ramsdom 5/3: New team, new hopes


With so many new names at mini-camp, both players and coaches, it's tough to keep up with everything going on from top to bottom.  At this point, the majority of that focus is on Coach Spagnuolo and the rookies.

- Speaking of Spagnuolo, the P-D's Bryan Burwell tried to keep up with him, a task that seems easier than it was.  He's definitely trying to make changes off the field and on.

- Those changes add to the difficulty rookies face in adjusting to the NFL level of football.  Chris Long knows how tough it is to come in as the #2 overall pick, but he's working to earn the retrospective approval of Rams fans.  As far as Jason Smith, this year's #2 overall pick, goes, he too is following in Chris' footsteps.

- James Laurinaitis is going to have a lot asked of him.  Luckily, he's been leading ever since high school.  And yes, his dad is semi-famous too.

- Keith Null, an early TST favorite to become the next Kurt Warner, says he wants to be the next Kurt Warner.  Thanks for adding fuel to the fire, Keith.

- And lastly, Justin King is hoping to contribute on the field after missing all of last season due to a toe injury.  Between Ron Bartell, Tye Hill, Justin King, Jonathan Wade and rookie Bradley Fletcher, there's certainly a bevy of youth and depth at the position.  Whether the Rams get a solid return on their investments at CB will be key to how well this team this team performs.